View Full Version : Is it safe to use littlebug jr. with GSI Solo?

10-08-2010, 01:08
Hi i decided to go with the littlebug jr. wood burning stove and was also picked up the GSI Pinnacle solo pot but just happened to look in the instructions and saw that it says "Pot and Strainer lid intended for stovetop use only. Not for use with microwave ovens, conventional oven, or open campfires." It also says "When cooking do not allow the flames from your stove to extend beyond the base of the cookware." "The pieces are much easier to overheat than your pots and pans at home." It basically says not to heat to extreme temperatures. How easy is it to control the flames burning wood using the little bug jr. woodburning stove? Would the GSI Pinnacle Solo work safely with the little bug jr? Thanks!

-CT Guy