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10-08-2010, 17:43
Hi been away for most of the summer to come home to find out a nephew who just turned 17 wants a new internal pack . He has been doing his share of talking to people and while i have suggested the ULA packs in that if i was to get a new internal based on all i have read here and the quality of the company, but he seems dead set on wanting an Osprey Aether. through my sources i can get him either the older version or the new version both brand new and both available in a variety of sizes. He thinks he wants to go big going the route of the 70. Any one have any experience with the difference between the older and new model of the Osprey Aether 70? thanks

Passion Hiker 73
10-08-2010, 18:02
I started backpacking five years ago. I went to a outfitter that highly suggested the Aether 70. This was a great pack, but there are lighter options. I'm currently using a Atmos 65 newer style and love it. Both are good quaity and good fitting packs I usally do 5-6 day out on the trail. If I had known about this site before hiking the AT the first time I would had gone with the Atmos or other lighter packs. Light weight make you feel good after 5-6 on the trail. But I have to throw this out after being a long time reader not much of a poster. You need to hike your own hike. Buy(make) and wear what works for you. Just a thought. PH73

10-12-2010, 10:04
Well, I must have the older model, maybe, don't know, mine is from 2007, and is grey/blue colors. I have used it for maybe 400 plus miles backpacking, and really like it. The moldable belt was a great fit right away, and it is a very comfy pack with a load. I didn't shop much, because I got a great deal on it, less than $100. I am very happy with the pack, but given a "do over", there are lighter choices in the same cost/size category of this pack. It is a very durable, big, comfy pack, and can handle loads up to 35#, no problem. Over that, it is not as comfy.

Good luck.

10-12-2010, 12:57
I have the Aether 85 and it's a 2009 model. The 2009 and 2010 are identical, they just changed the colors. The thing I love about the Aether is that you can pack that thing down with a lot of weight and it still feels comfortable. They really have a nice waist belt and that makes a huge difference. There may be lighter models out there, but when it comes to carrying a heavier load - Aether has to be one of the most comfortable options out there...and that's worth a few extra ounces to me.

Passion Hiker 73
10-12-2010, 13:25
I have to agree with StorminMormon. My Aether 70 you could pack a lot of weight and it still felt good. Aether series are very durable pack. They are made to take the load and abuse you put them though. I think I saved about a pound going to the Atmos 65. So far so good with the Atmos. But going lighter weight sometimes makes you think "hummmm" is this thing going to hold up like my old pack. Time will tell. And Osprey stays by there products. That's why I went back.

10-12-2010, 14:31
Agreed, Osprey says they'll fix your pack for any reason...ANY. Lifetime warranty can't be beat. It works like a tank, but weighs as much as a happy meal.

10-12-2010, 18:45
I've been walking with the Aether 70 (2008 mod) for three hiking seasons. It is my first internal after a Kelty Denali. I like the fitted belt, carrying capacity and the way it rides on my hips. I was measured and fitted for the right straps and belt at an outfitters. I regularly carry 40 to 45 lbs. on week long trips, but am working on shedding weight in my base four. I'll be changing tent, bag and pad before considering a new pack. Two maintenance items. Main hip belt clip lost a prong. I now carry a spare. Seam between the pack back proper and the top collar developed a 4 inch tear where the compression strap connects. I need to have it fixed. While I treat it kindly, it goes through the airline baggage system 6x a year in a Kelty airporter sack. Overall, I'd buy again if not looking to eventually go with a lighter pack. OTH I expect I'll wear out before the pack does.

10-13-2010, 06:35
I've used an Aether 70 for about 5 years and am really happy with it. My pack weight is usually in the upper 30's at the start of a trip and the pack is still comfortable. It's also very durable. My only complaint is I wish it had a small zippered compartment where you could keep cash, keys, etc.