View Full Version : Just back from 4 days in the "wilderness"

10-09-2010, 18:32
Nice little trip. Flew into Crawford pond on Katahdin Air (great service, a nice added feature to the trip). Stayed at Antlers, the sand beach at the north end of Nahmakanta lake, and rainbow stream campsite. Great time of year with the leaves at peak, no bugs, and a ton of thrus. Lots of good views of katahdin from the lakes and a great one from the top of Nesuntabunt. By the time we hit Rainbow ledges it was raining and we had no more views. My hiking partner, the eagle scout, took surprise swims on two ocassions. Two things the MATC does not beleave in, switch backs and bridges. All in all a great time and got to meat many thrus. I hope Q-tip and Tom thumb made out at WHL. I gave Lazy and Busy a ride from Abol bridge to Millinocket. Should be crowded tommorow on the big K. It seemed everyone wanted to summit on 10/10/10:sun