View Full Version : Water report Winding Stair to NOC

Currahee Jim
10-15-2010, 22:53
Hiked this section northbound 10/10 thru 10/12 and found the following water:

Stream just beyond US 64 - good
Campsite before Swinging Lick Gap - slow but usable
Siler Bald Shelter - did not pass by
Siler Bald to Wayah Gap at NC 1310 was dry
Piped spring at FS 69 was dry
Wine Spring - slow but usable
Wayah Shelter piped spring - good
Licklog Gap was dry
Stream near Burningtown Gap - good
Cold Spring - very slow but usable
Spring at campsite before descent to Tellico Gap - good
Stone cistern beyond Wesser Bald was full but flow was very slow - approx. 1 L/5 min.
Stream across from Rufus Morgan Shelter - good
All in all, not bad for Fall. We got a good soaking rain on 10/12 after we got into NOC, so conditions may have improved.

10-17-2010, 15:56
Good water at Siler Bald shelter last week. Nice piped spring with good flow. Planned to stay at shelter. Got water and got set up in shelter. Hiked up to bald about 4 PM. It was so gorgeous that we hiked back down to shelter, packed up all our stuff and went back up to bald to tent camp. It is beautiful up there!! Not to be missed!!! Probably the high point of our week from Deep Gap to Fontana. Saw a perfect sunset and sunrise. Next day from Wayah Bald could see Siler Bald and where we had come from....Amazing!!