View Full Version : Parking at Elkwallow Wayside

10-19-2010, 00:41
Is overnight parking allowed at Elkwallow Wayside? I'm trying to do a short section between Elkwallow Wayside and Thornton Gap. Since the only hut between these two points is close to Thornton Gap, I thought I would begin and end at Elkwallow and camp at Pass Mountain Hut.

10-19-2010, 01:47
I don't thing it's an issue to park there. Best bet is to call the HQ Info line: (540) 999-3500 I've parked overnight a few miles back at Gravel Springs Hut lot. In fact, I'll be there this upcoming Fri-Sat night as I check out Big and Little Devil Stairs. Been a few years since I've hiked those trails. :-)

As a note: the Blackberry milkshake at the Wayside is awesome!!!!!

10-19-2010, 07:08
no problem parking there overnight provided you list it on your backcountry camping permit

10-19-2010, 19:59
I appreciate the info. Now I need a Friday off before it gets too cold. . .