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10-21-2010, 22:02
I had never hear of this company before. I don't even remember how I found it. They have a free sample- http://www.wisefoodstorage.com/our_meals.php
I just got mine today. It's a 4 serving size of cheese lasagna. I haven't tried it yet and I have no affiliation with the company. The prices are comparable to mountain house for the 2 serving backpacking size. I wish companys would do 1 serving size or what would probably be perfect for me is a 1.5 serving size.

10-21-2010, 22:18
yeahh some are too big for one sitting, but thats what ziplocks are good for. also check the serving size as one company may list a half cup and another a full cup, etc. unless youre anorexic i doubt anyone gets full off a listed singlle serving. companies that want their foods to appear low in fat or sodium or something usually make their "serving size" ridiculously small so they can say theres only X grams of fat per serving. let us know how the food tastes, and thanx for the info

10-21-2010, 23:04
I've only had experience with Mountain house and the 2 serving size is excessive for one and not enough for 2 hungry men. For 2 it's easy to supplement it with something else. For one I over eat and finish it.

This Wise sample I have is 65 grams of dry mix. It's definately a lot in the package.

I just noticed that it requires you to add it to boiling water and simmer for 8-10 minutes. I don't know if there backpacking meals are the same way but thats not going to work for me on the trail. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I want a just add boiling water to the bag kind of meal.

mark schofield
10-22-2010, 07:28
for me it's the extra time necessary for simmering after adding boiling water that means carrying extra fuel. I use to use Lipton sides and add boiling water and let them sit for a while. But they never got quite done like the freeze dried meals.

Odd Man Out
10-22-2010, 10:49
Unfortunately I see that according to the nutritional information on their Outdoor Meal Variety page, all of the samples listed are high in trans fat from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

10-22-2010, 11:32
Unfortunately I see that according to the nutritional information on their Outdoor Meal Variety page, all of the samples listed are high in trans fat from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

To be fair, it's "survival" or emergency food storage...so a little extra fat in those circumstances is a good thing. It makes the meals taste better and helps you feel a little fuller so you don't panic that you're starving or anything.

Could you use it on a backpacking trip? Sure. Would you want to eat those things morning, noon, and night for a solid month? Well, if you had no other option, sure...but it's not meant to be a lifestyle change - ha ha ha. We have food storage at our home for emergencies (natural and other, like losing a job for a few months, or if money is tight - you don't have to hit the grocery store so hard) and it's a good idea. We also have dozens of gallons of water stored in case of local contamination or other emergencies. Anyway...I'm getting off track.

Since each package has about 900 calories. It looks to be a good staple for a group of 3 or 4. Cook up some rice or couscous to supplement and I'm thinking everyone would get their fill.

10-31-2010, 15:34
I received my sample packet from Wise foods last week (In fairness, it was at my door within 2 days of placing the order - Phenomenal!!).
I ordered the vegetarian Creamy Chicken Pasta.

I had a chance to use it yesterday and here is what my thoughts are:

1. It is a 2-serving packet, but to be honest, when I am on the trail, it would work just fine for me. I don't care about cooking up a side or anything else (unless it is below zero then I want soup first) so a 2-serving pack is great sizing for me.

2. The Trans fat was only 7% and there were only 10 grams of fat in the entire packet. So too much fat or trans-fat was not an issue.

3. Like most FD meals, the sodium content was high at 1040 per 1-cup serving.
However, being on the trail makes this almost a non-issue (I say almost simply because I still don't like to take in too much sodium - Not good for my blood pressure).
I did note that the sodium content is much less (almost half) than with Lipton Knorr type products (Approx 940mg for a 1/2 cup serving in the rice packet I just looked at)

4. The pouch is a stand up pouch, which I really like.

5. I added 2 cups boiling, stirred well and checked the noodles at 5 minutes and then 2 minute intervals thereafter. They were fine for me between 10-12 minutes. I also had no issues with clumps of spices sticking to the corners or bottom of the packet, as I have had with some other brands.
6. Taste and texture. I was actually pleasantly surprised the meal wasn't overtly salty the sauce was creamy and thickened nicely. There were a lot of peas (which I love) and carrots in the mix. I know there were onions, but I couldn't see them too well.

Final thoughts -
While I wouldn't sit around home and eat these DIDO, I think having a few or more a week on the trail works out great. They are quick to prepare, they ziplock closed when done, which avoids spillage in your garbage sack. I do think they (like all FD Meals) are priced a little high to have more than 3-4 times/week, but I think you could probably find them on sale at various times of the year and stock up.

Would I buy this for my next trip? Yes a dozen or more if I can get them on sale!!!

10-31-2010, 17:11
The Creamy Chicken Pasta is vegetarian? Thats cool. I Just ordered a sample and will post my review when I try it. I tried a Mountain House off the trail once and gagged. Its amazing how good food tastes on the trail.

Rocket Jones
11-11-2010, 22:34
I tried the Stroganoff and it's another winner. It was a little soupy as prepared according to the directions, but very tasty.

11-12-2010, 21:57
Looks like a free sample for $6.95. No thanks.