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10-23-2010, 20:35
A couple of updates on the Moment.
At times I have been asked if the corner struts can be removed.
It can be done with a small mod if you are into that. Just cut the bottom of the sleeve and attach a piece of Velcro there to close it up again.
That also means that it cannot be done as they are.
(personally because I always store all of the shelter in the same bag and use the main pole/poles to roll the shelters over them, I would not remove any struts...)
The other update is the liner.
It has now being available for a couple of weeks , Henry was out camping with the family for a few days and then it was my turn , hence the delay.
The liner can be attached on the Moments shipping out now directly or by adding two clips it can be done with the previously shipped models.
The "upgrade" kit (two clips and instructions) is free and it is very easy to do.
took me 10 minutes to do.
(the liner is listed under accessories)
The liner is a fabric wall that covers most of the non vestibule area of the tent. You lose an inch or less of headroom but you don't come into contact with possibly wet walls.
It will also catch "mist" from either condensation dislodgment or penetration.
Still don't know if I will keep it attached in mine but in the end it is handy for the extra 4 oz.
My mate's and my Moment in action two days ago. (Victorian Alps, 1600m)
franco@tarptent.com (franco@tarptent.com)

10-24-2010, 17:05
Henry should pay you for all the advertising you give him.

10-24-2010, 17:21
He does (now) ... if you buy a Tarptent in Australia.
(not Austria)
Recently on another forum a guy posted about walking from Sydney to Melbourne in 8 days. I pointed out that the real distance (by road) is 960 km not 94km as he thought.
I forgot to add that 960 KM is 596 miles

Big Dawg
10-24-2010, 22:33
Enjoyed my Moment this past week on an AT section in VA. Camping right next to Dismal Falls was remarkable, but it created quite a bit of condensation. A liner would have helped.