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12-10-2004, 04:20
Hi all,

I know I've been talking to a bunch of you who suggested I make it over to PARUCK and we all were all unsure on the details. So I did some info gathering so people would know some details.

After some searching around I was able to come up with some preliminary info from the AT-L list.

For those "planning" to attend the PARUCK here's what I got:
- PA Ruck is planned for January 28-30, 2005 at the Ironmasters Mansion (Pine Grove Furnace Park, PA).
- Hostel price this year will be $16 per person, per night, plus the $5 per day usage fee (per person, per day)
http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/pinegrovefurnace.aspx (http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/pinegrovefurnace.aspx) payment is required within 2 weeks of making the reservation.

- Last Years website is at: http://www.artofthetrail.com/paruck.html (http://www.artofthetrail.com/paruck.html) not updated with '05 info yet, but soon hopefully?

- No itinerary yet, forthcoming tho.

- Marsha will be giving a free country style breakfast there on Saturday morning to all 2003 & 2004 thru hikers....

When I hear anything else I'll be sure to post it. I'l definitely be there, no matter what my schedule says about it!

It'll be nice to see a bunch of you there! I only wish I'd been up on the "Rucks" in prior years as I wouldn't have missed them. Otherwise, I'm anxiously awaiting this event! (And I won't brag about how long of a drive it is for me....)

See you guys there?

Ted A. Nichols II
Lemoyne, PA
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