View Full Version : Cove Mountain Shelter - which one?

10-27-2010, 23:29
Hey guys;

This is weird. I was doing a search in my electronic version of the 2010 AT Data Book (scanned the DB to PDF), and searching for Cove Mountain Shelter, which I thought was in VA, near Buchanan.

But the first occurrence I found was the one in PA, which I didn't know existed. It is near the town of Duncannon, PA.

Isn't it odd that the two shelters named Cove Mountain are near towns with similar names; Duncannon and Buchanan?

I might meet a SOBO trekker while on a NOBO trek and be talking about Cove Mountain Shelter, and the SOBO might tell me about his experience there.
Then I might get confused... you mean you've hiked the trail before?
No, this is my first time.
Then how is it that you have already stayed at Cove Mountain Shelter on a SOBO hike when you haven't reached it yet...

Well, it's kind of funny I think. Are there any other repeat names of shelters?