View Full Version : Standing Bear to Erwind Updates

10-29-2010, 13:03
I'm hiking this section starting in late November, can anyone update me on the water situation thru here. I'm planning on leaving a car in Hot Springs with a resupply box in it then continuing north to Erwin. Any info on the shuttle opportunites, #1 Hot Springs to Standing Bear & # 2 from Erwin to Hot springs would be appreciated! Any additional info I should know about this section would be helpful.

05-22-2011, 11:05
Hiked that section last year. Used Johnnies for shuttle out of Erwin. Standing Bear will also run shuttle and you cqn probably find one in HS. If you stay at Whistlestop, be aware that the train tracks are right outside and the trains run through pretty regularly day and night. Good section hike. Leave an hour or so to enjoy Max Patch if the weather is good (was for me) also Big Bald (fogged in for me, but supposed to be great spot).Plenty of water (June 2010) and the shelters were in good shape (exception was No Business Knob, kind of trashed out and graffittied, we wound up pushing on into Erwin instead). Have a blast, lots of good views etc...