View Full Version : Experiments w/FB"Cooking"

11-02-2010, 15:42
So today and yesterday I tried out a couple FBC-style meals, and I must say they are pretty damn good. One was couscous with a packet tomato cream sauce and packet chicken and the other was Knorr teriyaki noodles with the same packet chicken. The flavor on both was definitely good, and the ease of preparation was pretty much the same as the Mountain House and Mary Jane's Farm meals which I've tried.

I'm also still experimenting with my new set-up of a Jurey style alcohol penny stove and SP Trek 700 mug. I'm very happy with the new setup too, at 6.5oz for stove, pot, lid, lighter, and pot stand/insulating base (don't have a wind screen for it yet).

11-02-2010, 16:14
What brand were they? Or did you make them yourself?

11-02-2010, 17:11
Well, the teriyaki noodles and the tomato cream sauce packet were both Knorr brand. The couscous was a Near East brand boxed one with a flavor packet (roasted garlic & olive oil). The chicken was a Kroger brand foil packet (7oz) which I split between the two meals.

The teriyaki noodle meal was just the Knorr packet with the chicken. The couscous meal was the couscous mixed with 2tsp from the sauce packet and the chicken.

I really want to get a dehydrator and try making my own stuff now! I've always enjoyed cooking but ever since starting college and leaving my mother's house I've missed the awesome kitchen very dearly (especially since she remodeled it recently). Sadly I don't do much true cooking any more.

11-03-2010, 15:54
Texico....you can always cheat and buy the veggies/fruits/beans/meat as well - and still save money. I go through so much dried food and with two kids I don't have a lot of spare time...so I wait for my shiny boxes from the FedEx man to show up :D And then you can get busy making your own meals!