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11-07-2010, 14:15
What up guys.

Here's what I have:



cook ware



good attitude, 2 month beard, perseverance, a college student budget

What I KNOW I lack:

Water filter


proper clothing layers

gnarly mtn man skillls

What you know I need that I dont:

(You fill in)

Ladies and Gents, please keep in mind I am indeed living on a college budget. That means I'm no afraid to fabricate/invent/conjure up homebrew gear.

11-07-2010, 14:18
if you really want a pump filter and don't mind a little maintenance the MSR hyperflow can be found for about 80 bucks and is the lightest on the market. it's worked well for me from all but the mudiest water.

headlamp... Princeton Tech REMIX; see other threads.

clothing layers ... what's our clothing budget, and when is your thru hike ?

... just for details, of the items you do have, what are they specifically ?

11-07-2010, 14:25
Not scheduled for a thru-hike yet. Trying to do a bunch of 3days to get in shape.

pack - some old REI house brand, internal frame, I think its 3100 cubic inches

stove - MSR pocket rocket

cook ware - some MSR pots

boots - http://www.cave-crag.co.uk/3686/Merrell-Chameleon-3-Ventilator-GTX-Shoe.html

shelter - kelty teton 2

11-07-2010, 14:26
also, budget for clothing.

What's the minimum I could spend to be comfortable?

11-07-2010, 14:31
doing on the cheap is not my expertise, someone else will come around with more experience in finding deals. but they need to have a ballpark to fit into.

one budget piece of gear i love is i have tried a lot of hiking shirts, am an regularly impressed with the REI brand Sahara button up long sleeve shirt. you can find them at the outlet for under 20$ if you watch.

for thermals i like capilene 3. not cheap though.

my clothing breakdown is this:
Clothing – Paul
- Tilley hat
- smartwool beanie
- Buff neck gaitor
- MHW typhoon jacket
- button up shirt (REI sahara)

- adventurers pants
- running shorts (5$ target special)

- 3 X socks (Tilley wool and some injinis

- lightweight gloves (Marmot softshell gloves 1 OZ)

- capilene 3 sleepwear (zip top, long sleeve bottom

- packtowel (MSR's tiny one)

buuuut, this is a heavy setup... and i have yet to include my ArcTeryz softshell or MontBell thermawrap (i am undecided).

before my puffy jacket i am already up to 44 OZ in clothing stuffs.

... to be clear i hike the PCT not the AT, so my needs are slightly different.

hope some of this helps.

11-07-2010, 14:36
what is a reasonable budget?

11-07-2010, 14:37
Ditch the filter and just use aquamire. Half-mood down at Five Points carries it for something like 19.95. Also since you're a student you can rent equipment from the lower level of Ramsey although I'm not sure exactly what they have in terms of decent backpacking stuff to try it out.

You can ditch the MSR pots and just carry one good pot. www.steepandcheap.com has some deals. It's like a woot.com for camping stuff.

The sad truth is stuff is a little expensive although deals are to be found. I use smartwool as a base underlayer but that's out of your budget.

11-07-2010, 14:54
favourite universal piece of gear i ever bougth was my MSR titan kettle.

a single titanium kettle can be all your cooking needs.

11-07-2010, 15:14
The subject of inexpensive backpacking outfits has been covered many times in many places.

I suggest that you begin right here. Look for the message titled 7.5 lbs and under $300.oo.......
and look for the whole thread and give it a read. It was all about getting a complete outfit for not much money.

I'm reorganizing, and have misplaced about six inexpensive complete lightweight packing lists.

It is a well covered topic, and I am too impatient to type a whole list for you even if I find it.

You've got a good start if you go to this link.


11-07-2010, 15:21
For more complete low cost lightweight equipment lists go to


Also go to LyteW8.com and look for cheap gear lists there. That list includes a lot of stuff from Walmart with a total cost of $350 and an incredibly low weight.

Just search around google for lightweight backpacking gear lists. You'll find a ton of them.

11-08-2010, 01:30
here's your inexpensive clothing list:

-$10 4 pack of wool blend socks, at sams club or costco...
-free athletic style t shirt (under armour or w/e, knock offs are fine) you probably already have this for the gym or similar. if not steal from roommate for the weekend. or ask the athletic department if you can have one?
-$10 m65 field jacket liner from local army/navy store. good cheap insulation
-$1 disposable rain poncho. should work for the time being until you get a decent rain jacket
-$10 track pants (any kind of athletic style pants work fine for this time of the year). i wouldn't get any that have insulation as you'll overheat
-$5 fleece beanie hat. walmart/kmart
-$5 wool gloves, army/navy store
-$1 2 pack of bandanas. walmart/kmart

$41 total for 4 pairs of socks and clothing head to toe...

11-08-2010, 01:30
sry $42. added in the bandana at the last minute :D

11-08-2010, 14:43
Aqua Mira drops cost $13 and last for months on the trail. Easier to use than a filter, in some ways. Lighter, too.

Clothing: synthetic base layer, top and bottom. Insulation. Rain gear. That's all you need.

Figure a long sleeve and a short sleeve top, and long john bottoms, and boxer briefs if needed. Get really light stuff, not "cold gear" or "expedition weight." Target has a good selection of Champion brand for good prices. Cost: Maybe $30-50.

You can easily use a 200-weight fleece pullover for your insulation. It's not the greatest, but it works well and you probably already have one. Cost: Free, or a few bucks at the thrift shop. Same with a fleece hat and some fleece or wool gloves or mittens.

For rain gear, your best bet is the Frogg Toggs suit for $40 or so available at large sporting goods stores. You probably want to try it on before buying, as I have found the sizes a little funky. The FT outfit feels cheap, but it's the most breathable waterproof rain gear out there, costs very little, and with care will last a long time. Many long distance hikers swear by it.

11-08-2010, 14:54
Second / third on the Aqua Mira or go even cheaper with bleach (read up on treatment technique before doing it). Cheap fleece, polypro base layer, and even some decent used nylon clothing is available at thrift stores and W-M. W-M has lightweight Fruit of the Loom synthetic base layers for under $10 each (bottoms/tops). Raingear could just be a jacket or poncho, the benefit of rain pants is hotly (pun intended) debated. K-Mart has the heralded "grease pot" for $7 or so.

11-08-2010, 14:55
Oh, and W-M has Starter brand wicking synthetic socks for $7 or so for a 3 pack. I like wool but if on a budget these would do for non-cotton socks

11-08-2010, 17:53
A budget for clothing? Don't you already have clothing?

Read the article here called How to Dirtbag like a professional.