View Full Version : Water: Harper's Ferry to Rt. 70

Camping Dave
11-07-2010, 14:49
How are the water sources btwn Harper's Ferry and Rt. 70?

11-07-2010, 19:20
Piped treated water at both Gathland and Washington Monument parks and at Dahlgren camp between them. There's a piped spring at old Rocky Run shelter that ran strong over Memorial Day.

Your biggest water problem is from Harpers Ferry to Gathland park. The spring at Ed Garvey shelter is 4 tenths mile downhill and 4 tenths mile back up. I'd leave Harpers Ferry with water to Gathland Park. I forgot to top off in town and drew water from the river just before the turn up the cliff. I skipped the Garvey spring but spent the night, and came into Gathland on my last swallow. (Don't forget to check out the photos upstairs at Garvey.)