View Full Version : Looking for salty bar recipes

11-07-2010, 16:11
I find that I alternate between craving for sweet and salty on the trail. Have lots of recipes for homemade sweet bars, but am looking for one for salty bars (maybe something that incorporates crushed Fritos or similar)

I know I can buy crackers, chips, jerky, meat sticks etc. but just want to try to make a salty-type bar. Any ideas? :-?

11-07-2010, 22:19
Actually something like a payday candy bar would give you the sweet and salty. There are several granola recipes that also give the sweet and salty. Don't know of one just salty though. how about caramel and fritoes?

11-07-2010, 23:26
Pay Days do it for me. Yum!