View Full Version : Thur hikers advance party

11-10-2010, 20:13
Can someone please make a SWAG as to when the first wave of NOBO thru hikers will start passing through the Troutville Va area (Jefferson Natl Forest)?
I need to plan a SOBO from Troutville 45 miles or so south to whereever and I DO want to run into some NOBO'ers but not the entire mass of them.

Johnny Thunder
11-10-2010, 20:49
early may would be a good time to meet through hikers. the trail days crowd would get there early june. so maybe you'd see folks who started early march around that time.

11-12-2010, 09:22
Much obliged JT. And early May will also be relatively warm but not hot or cold there.

11-14-2010, 20:11
They will be out full force in early May. I'd choose mid to late April for a smattering but not the whole flock. I hiked VA last year during this time.