View Full Version : Attn Gearheads: Rookie SOBO needs all!

12-12-2004, 18:49
Hey guys, Im headed SOBO in mid-June and Ive never hiked a day in my life! Ive been training pretty hard in the Gym, but I need to start hittin the trails around home to get some hiking expirience (Home is Bloomington, Southern Indiana, Very hilly with tons of trails), but first things first, I need GEAR! Obviously backpack, and boots are first priority, but I need to be careful with my spending and I m afraid of spending too much for too little. Then again, I m also willing to spend where needed. As essentials, what comes next, and how and where do I spend ?(internet websites, stores, used v.s. new?) In colloquial terms "I need the bang for the buck y'all" Peace PhatNate

P.S. Sorry for the infinite topic but I got to start somewhere:o thanks

SGT Rock
12-12-2004, 18:50
Read this thread to get started with a pack, then replaces as neccissary where you decide to upgrade: