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11-14-2010, 12:47
I have a ems boreal 20 degree sleeping bag that is wicked toasty, I really like this bag. I only have 2 problems with it, 1st- it doesnt pack down as small as I would like (I'm gonna slap a coulpe of compression straps on it and see what happens) 2nd- it doesnt have internal loops for securing a bag liner. I suppose thats not really a big deal, but it could really come in handy on a wet, rainy, cold, dreary day- as speed of getting in the bag would be of high importance.
Anywho, I was contemplating sewing some loops in myself but didnt want to screw a wonderful bag up. Has anyone ever done this? (not screw a bag up, but sew in loops? heehee) or am I just being nit picky?


11-14-2010, 12:52
personally i enjoy having my liner loose in the bag, so i can gather it on cold spots,

i use the thermolite reactor liner and its got enough extra i can bunch it up around my feet, butt, or neck (hopefully not in that direct order lol ) where i need extra warmth.

as for it not packing down that small, i am more concerned with weight than bulk... not sure what kind of pack you have but i wouldn't put your bag through the hell of high compression just to save some space... i'd sooner find something i could strap to the outside of the pack to make room.

of course we all have our little systems... not sure about the details of yours.

11-14-2010, 13:10
At BOP ---> It's no problem fitting it in my pack (osprey atmos 65) I just meant it was a b!tch to get in it's compression bag (get a little bigger compression bag, jackass!!)<--sorry, talking to myself! anywho, its weight is fine & I could lash it to the outside but rain always seems to find a way in.
on a side note i've never looked at a thermolite reactor liner. is it silk, fleece, synthetic? I use a kelty synthetic liner.

thx for the info BOP!


11-14-2010, 15:34
thermolite is a cutting edge material made by dupont.
if it's made by dupont it's going to be the best in the world, they don't do 'second rate'.
it is a hollow core continuous filament synthetic similar to fleece.

i have some details about dupont's manufacturing process on my youtube channel if you care.

i would never suggest putting the sleeping bag itself on the outside of your pack, i more meant finding other thignsto do outside (shelter, kitchen, etc).

that said, i have found i can get a LOT more into my backpack if i do not put anything in a compression sack, stuff the sleeping bag in the bottom of the pack and you can fit things around it, and it'll fill i naround things that are a set size...like you pot. doing it this way also allow the bag to only compress as much as needed so when you only have 2 days of food left your sleeping bag does not suffer needless compressions.

the life of a sythetic bag is based on number of compressions... which is different from down, which is based on amount of time spent compressed.

11-14-2010, 15:35
being rid of compression sacks has saved me tons of room in my pack; and saved me about 18 ounces too.