View Full Version : Base Layer- Capilene vs fleece

11-18-2010, 17:07
Can anyone tell me which Capilene number would be equal in warmth to a micro fleece(100 weight) Try to cut down on some bulk and weight and have no experience with Cap. Thanks

11-18-2010, 17:35
Probably Cap2 but everyone's different. Cap 2, for me, is like a light sweatshirt that I wear to sleep in or over a shirt while hiking in the early morning. I wear it a lot on cool but not cold days.
I wear Cap 3 (top and bottoms) at night when it's really cold. I wear the zip neck top while hiking in cold weather under a micro fleece vest that I take off when it gets warm.

rip waverly
11-23-2010, 18:33
i'd say cap2 as well.