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11-23-2010, 20:51
how many times have you started the trail and had to leave it? im talking about thru attempts aborted.and im not thinking about folks who pick up where they stopped, but those who keep starting over.anyone? why did you stop and why did you start over? also, would you thruhike many times in your life if you could or a set number of times? two questions but related.

11-23-2010, 21:11
Who's that white hair guy in the picture and why ain't you going to Wonders moms house tonight to buy some earrings or soap. If I were there right now I'd have to ruff you up, then go eat a cheese steak followed up by a slice of cheese cake.

11-23-2010, 21:13
First time on the AT started at Katahdin in June 06. . . Started again there every year since. . . one day I'll walk the length of the trail. . . I just don't want to miss those mountains on my hike. . . . :sun:sun:sun

11-23-2010, 21:14
is that Panzer??

Don H
11-23-2010, 21:34
I don't know if its Panzer but I believe the picture was taken at the Port Clinton pavilion.

11-23-2010, 22:01
so warrigayhibop,.....me and you both started alot? but me from the south and you from the north? so,...when we meet in the middle on our sucessful thrus,...will we have some sort of celebration/ lets see,...two hikers, on their 55th attempt, going opposite ways, after many trys, meet, and,.....oh! i know!.....send out our champions to duel! baltimore jack is a fine trail gladiator. who you got?tow? NO. HES MY SECOND!

11-23-2010, 22:03
I got Jerseyhick. . . . he's badass. . . . :D

11-23-2010, 22:07
I got Jerseyhick. . . . he's badass. . . . :D

Best. Photoshopper. Ever.

Bet he could do a bear on a rope that would fool everybody.

11-23-2010, 22:09
yeah, thatll work! im freinds with him. better try jersy girls and see if their free. they got booked on wwf after their thru. those three chicks could subdue jack and tow and you and me, eat all our bacon and call bears to hide us. we would never be found.

11-24-2010, 00:25
(See attached thumbnails of two scary-looking guys, one smoking a cigarette)

If I saw those two guys on my hike I'd put the coal on and get the heck out of there. 10 mile buffer zone at least.