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12-06-2010, 20:41
I have an aluminum Caldera Cone for my Snowpeak 1400, and love it so much that I am upgrading to the more versatile titanium Caldera Cone with the inferno insert. I am debating whether to get the cone sized for my snowpeak 1400, which I know works great (with alcohol), or if I should downsize to the Snowpeak 900. Anyone had a chance with the titanium caldera cone in these sizes or any other tips.
Thanks :)

12-06-2010, 22:42
Not exactly, but..
I use the Ti for the 550ml version. Works very well for me ( I only boil and never share food...)
One of the things that works for me with the 550ml is that the Caddy fits snugly inside the pot, the cone /burner/fuel/lighter and cloth fit inside the Caddy. The caddy is my plate and cup...
I also have a shorter cone (al) that I purchased to use with a 1100ml pot. I ended up modifying that a bit because I had to get a new pot as my previous one (al) had expired (holes in the bottom from wood burning) and the new one was slightly wider.
Ti is a lot easier to use. Not as fragile or prone to kinks and bends.
Anyway I used that when I had to melt some snow . Worked well for that too. (not recommended for extended winter use because white gas becomes more efficient weight wise after a day or two...)
So if you need to cook for two and or maybe have to occasionally melt snow, the 1400 would be better.
900mm would be just enough for a meal for two (for water only , freezer bag/caddy cooking style) or one for a large meal and a hot cup.
However do keep in mind that it can take more fuel to boil 1 L in one go then two 500ml separately.

12-06-2010, 22:54
Sorry , my pot is 1400ml not 1100. I have one of the 1100ml as well but that is for another kit..
The cone for the 1400 pot is the type you sit the pot on tent stakes , so it is less efficient than the standard cone but not by much.
(the cone fits inside the pot with the rest of the kit)
So stored size is important to me...

12-07-2010, 23:42
thanks for the great details about your experience with the caldera cone. I think I am now leaning towards getting a ti-tri (regular size, not compact) for the 900.
Thanks again,

06-12-2011, 01:23
Just wanted to add a note onto this thread. Franco's reference to the SPeak 1400ml cone he has that sits on stakes and is a little less efficient, is the ULC version. We do make a full size, full efficiency cone for the Snow Peak 1400.

Franco.....I knew what you were saying buddy, but I got a couple emails with folks thinking your comment was about a lack of a full size cone for the 1400 in general!

Rand :-)

06-12-2011, 03:27
hi Rand
Yes good point. I was of course talking about what I have not what you (Trail Design ) have.
I am thinking that you could start using the slogan " I never met a backpacking pot we could not fit"
( or even : I never met a backpacking pot we could not Calderise )