View Full Version : Frogg Toggs All Sport

12-08-2010, 23:45
Has anyone used the Frogg Toggs All Sport rain suit? I'm trying to figure out whether it is bi-laminate or tri-laminate--in other words Dri Ducks or Frogg Toggs. Cabela's has it listed for $30 (regular price $50) so it sounds closer in price to the tri-laminate Pro Action, but I can't find much information on the All Sport to verify. What do you think?


12-11-2010, 10:33
Well, I gave Frogg Toggs a call and it turns out that the All Sport is basically the same as the Pro Action, but it's made specifically for Cabela's. Any thoughts on whether the Pro Action/All Sport (tri-laminate) is as breathable as the Dri Ducks (bi-laminate)? From what I've heard and read the tri-laminate is more durable, but I haven't heard much on breathability.