View Full Version : short polypro liner socks?

12-11-2010, 16:44
Anyone know where I might be able to find some short (ankle-height or mini-crew) polypro liner socks? I've been searching but can't find anything shorter than a mid-calf version. Thanks!

Rocket Jones
12-11-2010, 16:45
Walmart or Target. Look for dress socks.

12-11-2010, 18:53
WalMart, 3 pair for around $4.00. I have several pair and like em, but they do smell after extended use. Can't beat the price though ;).


12-11-2010, 18:55
Target has athletic ankle high socks made from polyester or nylon fibers and lycra - like a 4 pair pack for about $6. I just picked some up last week.