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11-22-2002, 04:34
Some of this is in my hike report Stecoah Gap to Fontana.....
anyway, we booked a room at the Fontana Village Inn and while doing so the reservationist suggested a cabin since the Inn had 2 fraternities booked there for the weekend. The cabin was within walking distance of all the Village's amenities but was far enough away for privacy/quiet/etc. I mentioned we were hiking on the AT and they gave us a hiker discount. The cabin was really a nice trailer that didnt look like a trailer at all since it was mounted (wrong choice of word) on concrete block that had been stuccoed...the heater worked quickly which was needed. The resturant, which we went too post hike, was very nicely decorated (this means nothing to me but to my gal it was important), food was excellent though we only had soup and salad, and being obviously starving the staff offered and brought fresh bread and rolls and I violated a basic rule of mine and actually ate bread (its a calorie thing with me)..the shuttle service provided by the outfitter on the same grounds was excellent, prompt and knowledgeable of the trail section we were doing....also a good price for the shuttle of 20$......
I like the Hike Inn with Nance, used them 3 weeks ago when finishing the Smokies....only reason I would choose Fontana Village Inn over them is proximity but one call and Nancy or husband will come and get you...since most of us section hikers use a local motel just to crash in the amenities of the Village are moot....either way Fontana is a neat area and if you are there and can make time for it do the museum, also on Village grounds, and see how the dam was made and for what purpose in case you dont already know.....
I will probably use the Village and their shuttle next month when I go back to get the Stecoah to Wesser section in.

Flash Hand
08-11-2004, 19:14
Fontana Village Inn receive my two thumbs up! Great discount, great room, great TV, great bed, great surroundings, great store, great distance... great hot shower..

I wil definitely going there and Hike Inn next year.

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