View Full Version : Fondue? Well maybe not on the trail...

12-19-2004, 23:23
I just thought I'd share this with everyone, because, well, it's funny, and it may help some lightweight hikers out in a pinch.
Our roommate gave us a fondue pot as a gift, and the plan was to use it tonight, BUT she couldn't find a Sterno can at Wild Oats. Originally, we thought we'd just warm the cheese up on the stove, then put it in the fondue pot, but then it occurred to me...a pepsi can stove might work instead of a Sterno can, and work it did!:clap
I put in twice as much alcohol as normal, and it burned throughout dinner! Yummy hot gruyere, onion and cheddar, with bread and chorizo sausage!
So, keep this in mind, but off the trail...I do consider myself a trail chef, but I think fondue on the trail might be pushing it....
Anyone else out there find a use for your trail gear at home? Do you still sleep in a sleeping bag? Do you still eat with a titanium spork?

12-20-2004, 04:49
Yes I do sleep in my sleeping bag when I manage to create a situation where Mana is too hostile for me to sleep safely next to her.

I also had to get into my first aid kit the other day for some duct tape to mail back some books to the book store.

Until I recently retired my boots, I used them almost every day as well.

I have a ridge-runner that I use as a day pack, school bag, and bike bag for general use.

I use my camp pots when I am working on new recipes, but our utensils are used both at home and on the trail. I am sure I will use my new pots often while I get acclimated to them after I finally find the “perfect set” (If such a set exists)