View Full Version : Best way to get to the CT TH?

maybe clem
12-19-2010, 03:43
It looks like I'll be starting on the Indian Creek Loop trail due to the Waterton Canyon closure next year (http://www.coloradotrail.org/Seg1MapWatertonClosureHiRes.pdf).

What are my options for getting there from a motel in Aurora? A taxi would expensive and it doesn't look like public transit goes near there.

12-19-2010, 19:37
Post o the CT forums @ Trailforums.com when you get closer. There are some local trail angels/shuttle services who may be able to help you out. They usually post shuttle offer in March or so as hiking season ramps up.

You may also want to consider Roxborough state park as a alternative. It is (IMO) more scenic and logistically easier.

(Caveats: No camping, entrance fee, no dogs)