View Full Version : Nobo 2011

12-19-2010, 09:18
Well....It looks like my attempt at a Thru for next year has turned into an attempt at a long Section. As my approach date has gotten closer Ive realised that it just isnt prudent for me to be gone for six /six and a half months.....For several personal reasons.
However I am truely excited that I will be returning to the South and leaving Springer Mountain and walking north. Plan is at this point to take 100/120 days and get as far as I can get. I figure this should allow ample time for one heck of an adventure, and provide a reason to return and "finish" the Trail if I so desire.
Ive read countless Trail Journals over the past couple of years and know that some have finished the entire Trail in 140/150 days or so...But I have no desire to rush or race. I'll hike my own hike and get as far as I get.
Starting April 2nd....Looking forward to seeing ya'll out there !!!

12-19-2010, 09:27
Good luck! I am trying again in 2011 after breaking my ankle on my thru attempt last year.