View Full Version : Steripen Traveler $34.96 at STP

12-21-2010, 16:44
Just a heads up to anyone interested. Sierra Trading Post has the Steripen Traveler on sale at $34.96 if you are signed up for their "DealFlyer coupons" and get their emails to click though to the site. Pretty good price if anyone has been wanting one.

Jack Tarlin
12-21-2010, 18:35
I would be very curious about how much money Steripen people spent in 6 months on batteries. I seem to remember repeated comments about how these things chewed thru them in a hurry and I'd like to hear from folks who actually went all the way with these devices. $35.00 for a filtration system sounds great, but if you were spending six, seven bucks a week on Triple-A's, well not so great. :-?