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Mtn Scout
12-21-2010, 22:09
i am not usually one to inquire about wally world equip but i was getting something today and swung through the isle. this pack caught my eye. its a outdoor products skyline 8.0. its like 30 bucks. looks to be a pretty decent smaller pack. anyone have one of these. i think i may go get one to try it out for a small hike we are planning in the spring

Rocket Jones
12-21-2010, 22:13
I use one as my day pack. Works well, big enough to carry a jacket or rain gear.

Mtn Scout
12-21-2010, 22:21
is it possible this pack could be used for a 2-3 day trip??

Rocket Jones
12-21-2010, 22:39
IMO only if it's warm and good weather, maybe going with a minimal kitchen kit. Then again, I don't much like strapping gear on the outside of my pack, and doing that adds capacity.

12-21-2010, 22:44
If you are looking for a really high quality day pack. Go check out the nackpacks at your local skate shop. I have had one I have used for everything for about 8 years. I am one of those people that take a backpack everywhere with them. I usuall leave it in the car but I just like to be prepared. Any ways it held up forever finally one of the zippers on the main bag came off track and I stripped it down for spare parts for my other packs

12-21-2010, 23:30
I have a couple of the larger outdoor products duffle bags and have no issues with them I use one to pack my backpack in when I fly and I can stuff that bag full to busting and she holds up well. If you look at the Outdoor products website they have a few differant packs in sizes for day hikes and extended hikes. I normally don't buy much from walley world after finding out some of the products use lower quaility materials to make up for wally worlds buying practices, even thought they are marketed as the original version

12-22-2010, 00:01
I have a larger Outdoor Products pack that I have used for a few multi-day backpacking trips in the past. It's OK, it does it's job. While it's not the most comfortable pack I own, nor is it the most durable, it was the cheapest brand new pack I've bought, and faily light weight. I still have it but now I use it as luggage when I travel.

12-22-2010, 08:57
I used a $30 outdoor products pack (Arrowhead 8.0) for my 2-week section hike last May. The pack says its 3100 cu in. I saw 2 others with the same pack along my section (MD-PA).

I have bought two more for use by family members and as backups.

I modified mone by having lash points sewn on the top pocket. I use this to lash down my Walmart pad and a tarp.

You can read my reviews on my blog and TrailJournal gear page:


mister krabs
12-22-2010, 14:07
I have the skyline 8.0 I like it except for the lid zipper. I can do a weekend out of it in the summer.

12-24-2010, 12:54
I have an older model, forget the name, around 3100 ci. that I bought for $30 or so. It was definitely worth the money. I took it for a 3-day backpacking trip and it held up well. I was surprised.

01-11-2011, 00:45
I used a Vortex daypack on a Disney trip. Loaded it with over 20lb worth of junk over miles of Amusement parks. Held up well, and comfortable, but could use a waist strap. Really not bad for a $22 Walmart pack.