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12-22-2010, 17:25
My camera fell out of my jacket a mile or less (I think) south of Pecks Corner shelter. This was in early December. There were several inches of snow on the ground at that time, which made going back for it an unattractive option. Plus, I was trying to complete my thru-hike before Christmas. At least that worked out! But I'm sad about losing the camera because it has picture of my thru-hike that I hadn't gotten a chance to upload. The camera is waterproof, so it might have survived despite all the snow. The welcome center in Gatlinburg has my contact info if anyone finds it, or you could always PM me here. Thanks :(

12-22-2010, 21:05
Sucks you lost it, hope someone finds it and reurns it.

Always scratch your name and number into the camera. I do this on all my cameras, in two different spots. It has gotten my camera returned when left in towns and such.

12-22-2010, 23:29
check this thread


03-06-2011, 17:35
I have your camera I think.

Rain Man
03-06-2011, 22:34
Besides the obvious advice of properly marking your digital cameras, here's another hint:

Take the camera card out of the camera and take a photo of a page with your name and all your contact info. That puts the photo in your camera's internal memory, where it will stay more or less permanently for anyone who finds your camera, no matter when or where. You can do the same on the memory card, of course (as belt and suspenders), but they can fail or be separated from the camera. The internal memory can't.

Glad it appears yours may have been found this time!