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12-21-2004, 10:01
hello all

Looking for some help- I'm a section hiker from Oregon(originally from PA). Last summer I managed to finish DWG- Duncannon. This spring I'm planning to finish Duncannon- MD state line. Any info about that section will be greatly appreciated.

- jdubs

12-21-2004, 10:26
You've done the toughest part now. I used to live in PA and spent quite a bit of time (and enjoyment) hiking those sections.

I think you will find easy hiking from Duncannon South (or PenMar North).
You don't say when you are planning to hike, but aside frm a couple of small areas, bugs aren't really a problem.

There a few places to resupply as you will come close or go through a several towns, as well as pass several stores (PIne Grove Furnace store is open regularly only after Memorial Day). There are several new shelters on that section as well as plenty of water.

The grades are gentle and the rocks aren't bad at all, except that "weave your way through spot" just south of the Alec Kennedy Shelter.
If you finish up in Doylestown (Duh, I mean Duncannon) The folks at the Doyle can likely hook you up with someone if you need a shuttle.

12-21-2004, 11:57
I've hiked this section a couple of times and agree that the Rocky Ridge section south of Alex Kennedy Shelter has areas where you will be rock scrambling and climbing over house-sized boulders using your hands and feet to push and pull yourself up. The rocks are very slippery when wet. I encountered lots of ticks in the open fields and swarms of blackflies in the woods when I did this section in May of 2000.

12-21-2004, 19:16
toolshed, lobo

Thanks for the help. The plan was to hit the trail in May or June. I'm looking forward to see that bit of PA. -------------jdubs

12-21-2004, 20:47
I've been working my way through PA over the past couple of years, I really enjoyed the section from Boiling Spring to Caledonia State Park. I did most of my hiking in April when the bugs are not a problem, and the springs are still full of water. There are some ups and downs, but the worst (or most interesting, depending on your point of view) are in the section you already did. Only problem was that it does tend to rain a lot in April...
Have fun, I'll be tackling NJ this spring.

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12-25-2004, 09:43
i really enjoyed my section hike in pa,one of my favorite states,i felt at home there,they even have rednecks and rebel flags,reminds me a lot of the cumberland mountains in tennessee.:sun neo