View Full Version : Snow At Mount Rogers

12-21-2004, 20:01
Went up to Mount Rogers area this past weekend. Started at Massie Gap. Not much snow there but a little. Went over first Peak and then the snow got deep. Up to my knees in areas. Mostly on the west facing sides. Really dry kind of snow. Out where the A T goes north from Thomas Knob shelter snow was any where from 5 inches to knee deep. Met 2 guys going up as i was coming out sunday they up there they said to prove to themselves they could handle the really cold. Temps monday morning where around mius 3 with wind chills around 20 below. Just thought someone might be interested.

12-21-2004, 20:12
I saw Mt Rogers as I walking into Damascus last week. It was draped in snow from Thanksgiving, and was real inviting. Alas, I only had another 1.5 days left of vacation, not enough to really enjoy that challenge. Next year, it is on my To Do list.

12-22-2004, 00:12
I bet that snow's pretty deep toward the top.