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12-28-2010, 00:03
Hey guys! im planning on doing a new years eve hike in the smokies. Im planning on doing an easy hike what i have planned so far is this:

Day 1: take meigs creek trail to meigs mountain trail (3.5 miles)
then take the meigs mountain trail to campsite 19 (1.8 miles)

Day 2: Continue on meigs mountain trail to jakes creek trail (4.2 miles) then take jakes creek trail to elkmont (between .2 to .5 miles idk) where i will be picked up

i was just wondering if anyone could tell me ANYTHING about the trails i will be on and the campsite I will be staying at. The trail looks relatively easy but then again all Ive done is look at it on a map.. Any info on the trails and campsite would be appreciated.

Also, I was wondering if there was any rule that you had to be 18. i looked at the rules and regulations for back country camping and did not see anything stating you had to be 18 but i just want to be sure.. im only 16

There is no better way to start the year out than being in the mountains!


12-28-2010, 00:59
no age requirements that I have seen, reservation and other rules are on the park website. Big snows could make some trails hard to follow/very challenging

12-28-2010, 08:51
By the sound of it you will hit the trailhead for Meigs Creek trail at " The Sinks" parking area(recently repaved). Good idea to have someone drop you off as vandalism of cars is always an issue in the GSMNP. The trail is relatively easy but you do cross Meigs Creek about a dozen times as I remember; maybe more. When you get to Meigs Mt. trail turn left(east)and you will come to campsite 19 in 1.8 miles as you say. It is nice but very small; maybe a couple of tents at most. It is a non-reservation site and you will probably have it to yourself considering the time of year and the weather. Check out this site to check on road closures http://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/temproadclose.htm Meigs Mt. trail is an interesting trail as it passes by some old ruins and a cemetary on the way to Jakes Creek trail. As you probably know, the weather will be the deciding factor. Right now, all the main roads in and out of the park are closed due to ice and snow. Do not underestimate the weather in the park. At the higher elevations there is 15 inches of snow and the temps at night have already been below zero. Go prepared and have a great time

12-28-2010, 13:46
well... i didnt know the roads were still closed.. any idea to when they will be open its supposed to be like 55 friday and saturday.. do you think there will be any snow on the trails im taking i can deal with a little bit of snow but nothing to deep.

12-28-2010, 14:18
Only the weather can tell. They are very good about keeping the roads plowed up there and it's been my experience that if you check the website often you may see the roads opened sooner than you might expect. At the lower elevations you should expect to see maybe a couple of inches but nothing to break out the crampons for. Check out this site to view the previous day's conditions and snow depth at selected locations. Your trailhead is closest to the Sugarlands visitor center so keep that in mind. Good hiking! http://www.srh.noaa.gov/productview.php?pil=RTPMRX

12-29-2010, 00:48
thanks for all the info.. its been very helpful