View Full Version : Icetrekkers Diamond Grips

12-28-2010, 14:11
I've read a few posts about winter footwear, and have seen yaktracks and microspikes mentioned several times, but have only heard these mentioned by a sales rep.
I just received a pair of these for Christmas and wanted to give an impartial review. The biggest downside to both the yaktracks and microspikes i have read is having to constantly take them on and off with different surfaces. I haven't had a chance to get the diamond grips on the trail, but did test them out on a concrete path with a good mix of ice, snow, and concrete, and so far they have been fantastic. I was able to walk without any trouble on straight concrete, and had no trouble with them falling off when walking in deep snow. The traction was great on multiple types of ice - i was able to walk with a normal gait.
The next test will be to get them on slippery rocks which I will do this week, and I will be sure to give an update.