View Full Version : Jenkins Shelter Condition Report

12-22-2004, 12:06
Stayed in this one back in November, 2003. It is of a simple design, w/ a fire ring, picnic table, & privy. A substantial stream for water is nearby. There is also room for scores of tents in the general vicinity.

Although I got to experience a lunar eclipse the night I stayed there, I had to share the shelter w/ a coupe of hunters who were using it as their base camp for the week.:( It seems that this shelter is failry easily accessed by locals up an old road...

09-05-2005, 19:13
Spent the night here after a rainy day in early June. Water from the fast-moving stream is just to the right of the shelter. Privy is left and behind.

While there is space for tents around the shelter, there is a lovely creek with some great tent sites a tenth of a mile north.

map man
07-08-2017, 20:55
I can confirm that there are lot and lots of good places to tent around this shelter.