View Full Version : D-Bone, Munchkin, Gordy, Icebreak, Bones!!!

12-22-2004, 13:42
Why didn't I get contact info?!!
Anybody know how to reach these folks?

12-22-2004, 17:50
Hey K-Bear!
I wish I could help you, but I haven't heard from them, either, and I'd also like to talk to them again. One-Leg ran into Munchkin at the Gathering, so I'm presuming her, Gordy and D-Bone made it the rest of the way. Don't know anything about Bones or Icebreak, though. I'm wondering how Icebreak's then-new dog is doing, too. Haven't seen any of their names on Trailjournals yet, either.
Not getting an email address is one mistake I sure won't make again.
I lost my picture of all of us in Mike's semi, so maybe I can pay you for a copy.
Drop me a line sometime.

walkin' wally
12-22-2004, 18:34
I Met D Bone, Munchkin, Gordy,and Gaia among others at the Whiteblaze Gathering at Caratunk. Nice people.

12-23-2004, 00:30
Why didn't I get contact info?!!
Anybody know how to reach these folks?

K-Bear, I have D-Bone's address. I'm not home until next Tuesday. When I am there, I'll fire it off to you if you haven't already gotten it.

Meanwhile, Big Stick might have others'. I'll email asking him.
Bones was sort of working at Shaw's when I was there in late September. Maybe he's still there, or Keith Jr might know where he is.

I don't think we ever met, and I don't remember Icebreak.

Best wishes,

12-23-2004, 02:20
hey k bear, how u b man. they all doin fine as far as i know. munchkin is in montana,gordy is in leadville,i think,and d-bone is in alabama. have no address yet but will send ya one as soon as i get any of them. take care man and have a good and safe christmas,HaPPY TRAILS.

Flash Hand
12-23-2004, 07:31
hey K Bear!

Yeah I d love to have email addy of Dbone, Munchkin and Gordy. They are funny people! Miss them! Will return to AT again next year from Springer to Katahdin.

Flash Hand :jump

12-27-2004, 10:51
FLASH HAND, SAL, LEGS!!! It is wonderful to see your names again!!!

Cehoffpauir, D-bone has an address???!!! Like in a house!!! WOW! Wait, really.......he's housebroken and everything!!!
(kidding) i'd really love to get that from you, man...thanks!
you can send it to mike@encyclomedia.net

Legs, I have the most AMAZING picture of you and lil munchkin!!! It might be the best pic I took on the whole trail! I JUST got them all developed and in an album over christmas so i'll get them scanned and posted in the pics forum ASAP! I'm still wearin my Shine hat proudly and I think of you every time I wear it! Pepe wears hers too! I miss ya man! You gonna thru in 05 with fishinfred? I hope to catch up with you at trail days in the spring!

SAL!!!!!!! Man, how is life in wisconsin? I miss ya man. I'm gonna try to e-mail you later on today to catch up. (btw...I dropped my phone in the toilet and lost my whole phone list so i'll need your # again....i'll e-mail you in a few minutes) Got a few good pics of you back too!
"Pay you for a copy"? give me a break! I'll send it to you asap! I have a paper copy of that pic hanging up next to my desk at work! I look at your big old beard every day! hehe

Flash hand, you are an unstoppable hiking monster! I'll be thinking of you as you thru in 05! Good luck, brother! Pepe says hi!

Pepe and I are missing all you guys a LOT!