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Panama Red
12-22-2004, 23:48
this poll is for any body who has done a north bound thru hike
How did you get back from katadyn?

12-23-2004, 11:58
My wife is planning to meet me in ME then drive me back to the section I have to skip over. Since my spped is yet to be determined, I'm not sure how that will work logistically... but it is the plan.


12-23-2004, 12:45
I am glad I am not the only person whose Mommy picked them up! Papa did too.

Dad, If you are checking up on my internet posts, thanks. And stop! :-)

Rick B

12-23-2004, 13:19
My trip home was sort of "made up as I went". I didn't have a specific plan. Met someone at Katahdin whose wife was there to pick him up. Rode with them down to Hanover for the Gathering. Met someone at the gathering who lived in Ohio, not too far from my mom's house. Rode back to Ohio with him after the Gathering. Then got a flight from Ohio back out to Wyoming, where I live.

Everything just fell into place but I'm not sure I could have planned it that way and had it all work out. After 6 months on the trail I had allowed "flexibility" and serendipity to guide my path and the above situation just "evolved".

AT 2003

12-23-2004, 17:37
From my jounal entry on Aug 1st, 1998:

Mile Post 2160.7 ~ Katahdin

Aug 1 ~ Woke up very early, even for me. By four-thirty, I was fully awake.
Could not wait to begin the final climb. Felt the same way when I was six or
seven years old on Christmas morning. I knew it was too early to get up, but
it was hard waiting for the right time. Finally, five o'clock rolled around.
The routine was the same, but today was different, I am climbing Katahdin!
Arrived at Katahdin Stream Campground with much excitement and anticipation.
Scanned the cars for some familiar faces. And I saw them. After five months,
many postcards, a few calls, I finally was able to see my friends and
youngest brother again. They all smiled when they saw me, but I think they
were not smiling when that oh-so-special hiker smell hit their noses!

The climb up Katahdin started up easy enough, I went at a slower pace so we
could all hike together, but when I hit the treeline, my pace really picked
up. Tim, my brother and Steve kept up with me - but Leo and Jim fell behind.
I did not even realize how fast I was hiking. When I saw I was on the Table
Lands and could see the Baxter Peak sign, I really picked up the pace. The
anticipation and excitement was too much. At maybe a quarter mile to the
summit, Tim asked me to wait here so he could take my picture as I approach
the summit. I reluctantly agreed. Very hard two minutes of waiting, let me
tell you. Finally, I pushed on again. When I reached the summit, and touched
the sign, I let out the loudest yell of my life. The emotions were that

I had accomplished something that was theoretical five months ago,
and now it was real. Incredible feeling. Took the usual summit photos. My
friends packed up a feast. Cold cuts, bread, a bottle of Dom Perignon, and
they had a surprise in the form of 'sparkling wine' that they sprayed me
down with. (They later said I would smell better stinking of cheap wine!) On
my final hike, I packed in a full watermelon. Nothing like handing out
pieces of watermelon at 5267 feet. Long story behind this, have to explain
it sometime.

My hike of the AT is over. No more white blazes to follow. The
AT will always be a part of me. I have seen sights that most people do not
see. I will remember the crunch of fresh snow under my boots, the way the
sun feels after many days of rain. The joy a cold soda can bring from a
complete stranger. The daily rhythm of hiking that seems to bring
tranquility. I have pushed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally
these past five months. It was not easy to do. But the rewards are many.
Horizons are now limitless, what can and cannot be done is redefined. The
Appalachian Trail was a special moment in my life. Never have five months
had so much meaning and purpose. These past five months I have learned more
about myself than I thought I could know. I now have a better idea of who
Paul Magnanti is. The memories and experiences of the trial will always be a
part of me. Climbing to Katahdin may have ended this journey, but in my
heart and thoughts, I will still be on the trail.-Paul

We drove back to Rhody the following day. The day I finished the hike, ate whole large pizza by myself. :) (Sad to say, it was the worse pizza I've ever had. I think they used the pulp from the paper mill to make the dough!)

12-23-2004, 19:30
I asked another hiker for a ride to Medway, checked into the motel, and rode the bus the next morning to Boston.

Very comfortable bus ride. Much better than sitting in a car for several hours.

12-23-2004, 21:45
..was waiting at Baxter for me. Made many stops on way back to visit some people/places I encountered along the trail. I still drive the Rabbit. I carried the Rabbit to Baxter before my hike, with shuttle by my long distance trucker buddy. This gave me an incentive to complete the hike. I'm also a mechanic and new how to prep the car for the long term storage and how to restart it easily. I used #1 diesel and had sterno for crankcase heating for any cold start problems. I had a deep cycle battey in the trunk to help the main one for added current. Also had jumper cables if that failed. Had spare bottles of diesel for any priming problems. Passenger seat had been removed and I had constructed a bed out of plywood and bunk mattress that streched from back seat to dash, slept great. Can idle the diesel all night to stay warm. Also had a portable air pump, tire plugs, the pump came in handy in icy weather when I had to lower the air pressure in the front tires(front wheel drive) to make hills, etc. then I was able to refill the tires when back on clear roads. I love this car.

John Breed
12-24-2004, 04:12
One journey ends another begins.
Hitched from Katahdin Stream Campground.
Got a lift from another thru hikers Mommy (Curious George thanks), to AT lodge Millinocket.
Taxi to Medway.
CYR bus to Bangor.
Greyhound to Portland ME.
Concord trailways to Boston Bus Terminal.
T to Beantown Hostel
Train to Waltham.
Delivered minivan for Auto Driveaway to Marion Virginia, Via Washington, Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkaway.
Greyhound to Nashville TN .
Taxi to Motel.
Bus to Grand Ole Opry Hotel.
Hire car to Los Angeles rent a car drop off. Via Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York State, Niagara falls, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Mt Rushmoor, Wyoming, Colarado, 4 Corners, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Utah, Nevada , Los Vegas, California.(Unlimited mileage:) )
Shuttle bus to LA airport.
American airlines to San Jose.
American Airlines to Narita Japan.
Qantas To Perth International airport Western Australia.
Shuttle bus to Perth train station.
Train to Warwick bus station.
No 444 Bus to Duncraig.
Walked from bus stop to house with Back pack on, 250 metres.
Arrived 8.30 AM Sunday 19th September exactly 6 months from leaving.
There was nobody home when i arrived and having new keys, had to break into the house. (Welcome home committee!!!!!!!) :welcome
The trail was a an unforgetable adventure and the journey getting home after the trail was great. Looking forward to my next American adventure.
Aussie John