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01-03-2011, 18:14
I've been hearing and reading so much good stuff about alcohol stoves that I recently decided to start experimenting with them. I made a couple of can stoves that weren't too successful. Mostly just because I couldn't fit enough fuel in them to keep a boil going. But then I stumbled across the legendary supercat. I made one with a small can that once held green chili's and it worked great. Boiled two cups of water and held it at a rolling boil for about ten minutes on what I would say (didn't measure the fuel) was about two tablespoons or so of Heet. I still had room for more fuel in the can, too. So I could have held it at a boil much longer.
Of course, it will take more experimentation to know exactly how much fuel I need for this or that but I'm pretty excited so far. I usually only heat food or boil water once a day while I'm out but the supercat is so easy and pretty fast (boiled in about seven minutes) that I can see just stopping on the side of the trail and having a hot cup of tea or coffee during my lunch/snack breaks. Anyway, just wanted to tell someone who understands why I'm happy about a can :)

01-03-2011, 18:20
A few weeks ago I was happy about a can for the first time myself.......

Amazingly simple and easy to use

The stove was a cinch to make as well ;) mine was vienna sausage!

Glad you had success

01-03-2011, 19:00
Gotta love the ol' supercat. Nice work!

Doc Mike
01-03-2011, 19:42
I just made another from a venom energy drink can. Very simple and works as good as my white box stove. My wife is like why do you need 8 alchy stoves. They are just fun to make and use is why.

I'll try to post in my gallery

Doc Mike

01-03-2011, 20:36
Yeah, you know it really makes me wonder why anyone would go out and pay for a stove and buy those bulky and hard to find cans of gas all the time. The Supercat works just as good and is fast, lightweight, and virtually indestructible insofar as it has no moving parts or things to clean.

Pioneer Spirit
01-03-2011, 22:49
I made a supercat out of a spam can. The base fits into the inner bottom of the Heine can. The wind guard is made from a Lay's cheese dip can which fits snugly on the outer bottom of the same can.