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01-05-2011, 13:51

I have no affiliation with this doctor its just a good picture of the machine.

I've suffered from a bone spur for several years and it was chronic. I couldn't take a step without pain. A hiking friend of mine recommended a podiatrist that helped his wife with pump bump. So I made the appointment, with trepidation.

At the first appointment an xray showed the bone spur and at this point I didn't know it was there. But it was, a curved little piece of calcium behind my achilles. I was ready for the surgery talk when the doctor told me about EPAT and that I would be pain free after 3 treatments. Okay.

The machine is like a little jack hammer (not a medical description, but accurate). Apparently it breaks up the deposit and your body carries it away.

I think its a miracle, no time off the trail! I had to share this with you guys, because I can't be alone with the ailment.

Drop me a note if you need any more info on my experience. scrapes