View Full Version : How Much Sole Do You Need?

Mother Natures Son
01-05-2011, 19:53
I've noticed that some boots have little in the way of tread while others have a lot. On the trail, does it really matter or is all just a way to save weight and cut cost? (for the boot maker)

01-05-2011, 20:15
Although i am seriously thinking about switching to vibram five fingers for my running and hiking, (running first until i get the hang of it), I remember my thru hike in '95 on the AT where i wore out a pair of boots and got a cheap pair around Waynesboro PA i think it was.
The sole was very cheap and flexible and I ended up getting very sore feet in the middle of my foot from the pointy rocks a hundred miles later or thereabouts.
I think when you have the thin soles, you must learn to walk differently. (I guess that's the whole advantage of the vibram shoes, you do learn to walk different and it's much better or you) (Think "as nature intended")

01-05-2011, 20:24
I think cheap insoles are a way to cut cost.

I almost always replace the original insoles with much better ones. Usually I try on the new shoes with the insoles I plan to hike with. Keeping my feet happy is very important to me when hiking.