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01-07-2011, 23:31
I have been wanting a pair of those Keen Newport H2 Sandals, but I refuse to pay retail for them, which is usually $95. And some so called sale, I have seen them for $80ish. Well, today my patience has paid off. While in Hattiesburg, MS (which is about a hour from home) for a one day seminar for work, I stopped by The Outfitter, which is located in Turtle Creek Mall. Surprisingly, this little store (outfitter) has had some great sales that have beaten the big online sites. Anyway, I finally got a pair of Keen Newport H2’s for 50% off the $95 retail price. I’m a happy hiker! This trip to The Outfitter included a store wide 30% off items in the entire in addition to all footwear being 50% off.

Speaking of the sales I’ve gotten at The Outfitter in the past, another passing through they were having a store wide 40% off sale. That visit, I picked up a Titan Kettle and a few other items for 40% off retail.

If you’re in the Hattiesburg, MS area and looking for possible sales on new items, stop by there in the Turtle Creek Mall, 601-599-5000. I am not affiliated with them what so ever but as a customer. Currently, they are carrying Patagonia and North Face clothing, and Gregory and North Face packs. Also, quite a selection of Chaco footwear.


01-07-2011, 23:51
Great find dude! It is awesome to get "gear" that you have been wanting, and even more awesome to get it at such a deal!

06-20-2011, 17:49
Here’s a follow-up on the KEEN Newport H2 sandals.

They have failed. Apparently, there is a well documented issue with these sandals. The stitching on the outside ankle comes apart. The design of how these are made is flawed IMO. The straps from the front and back meet in the middle of the ankle to a junction and then are sewn together. Underneath the strappings in a neoprene type material. So, when the stitching comes loose, there is no longer any support from the straps, but only from the neoprene material that is ‘stretchy’. I was totally disappointed in this as I was looking forward to getting lots of use out of them. Attached are a couple of pics showing what I am describing.

I contacted KEEN, filled out their Warranty Claim via on-line about 10 working days ago. This included having to take a pic or two of the shoe and sending in a copy of the receipt, no problem there, just took a pic of the receipt as well. I called today to follow-up on the claim, which was approved. I rec’d a coupon code that will give me full retail price credit on KEEN’s website to order whatever pair of footwear I like. Kudos to KEEN for honoring their Warranty. So the dilemma was, do I order another pair of the same thing and see what happens. I did discuss the issue of the problem with these sandals and the person I spoke with related that they have reinforced the seams on that junction in the Black/Stone and Navy Midnight colors, the first two color choices on their website. I also considered ordering the regular Newport, which is a leather version. I was advised that the regular Newport’s are water durable just like the H2’s and that the only difference would be that the regular Newport’s would take longer to dry as they are leather. After using the ones I have one a recent river experience and havings rocks get in between my feet and the bottom of the sandal, I thought about what do I really want to replace these Newport H2’s with? A hiking shoe? Another model of their sandals? A casual wear shoe? Something obviously.

I decided on a pair of the KEEN McKenzie’s. These are suppose to be part shoe and part sandal. These are categorized in the “waterfront” section on their website. They appear to have the same sole as the Newport’s. They have a mesh material in between the straps to keep out debris. There are no typical laces, but a secure fit lace capture system. Here’s a link to this shoe to describe its features: http://www.keenfootwear.com/us/en/product/ss11/shoes/men/waterfront/mckenzie/****ake%20!%20bossa%20nova# (http://www.keenfootwear.com/us/en/product/ss11/shoes/men/waterfront/mckenzie/****ake%20!%20bossa%20nova#)
Once I receive them, I will post a follow-up on how well they actually keep debris out. I suspect that sand will be allowed in via the mesh material. If anything, these will make for a pair of ‘airey’ hiking shoes/sandals for hot weather.