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01-08-2011, 11:04
Hey Folks, Here is a crude comparison chart of some of the higher-end down sleeping bags that I worked up that helped me choose wisely. It is in no way all encompassing but it is a snap-shot of what we are paying for when it comes to our gear.

01-08-2011, 14:24
Very nice chart comparison. Thanks for sharing.

A few things though.

I am not sure what # down fill each of the bags use that are on your list, but I do know that some are 800, 850, and 900. Not a big difference but the bags with the 900 fill are really jacked up when compared to the price differences between the 800 & the 850. Just saying that you should include a column with the # down fill used for each bag too since they are not equal, or simply include only the same # down fill bags.

Fact is the higher the fill number, the more space it will occupy resulting in a lighter bag. Of course they also say higher down fills will loft higher/more resulting in better insulating qualities (warmer). This is why down gets more expensive as the number gets bigger. (Also, FYI, Thru hiker sells 900 down fill for $29.00 per 3 oz which equals out to ~ $10.00 an oz. For 900 fill that is awesome. Problem is you have to make it happen since it is not already in a bag. Manufacturing results in high prices, which is a large portion of the price in the bags on your list. It cost to buy convenience.)

Also, the $/Oz Down column is not exactly correct. From what I can tell you simply divided the total price amount of the bag by the total number of oz of down fill used. By doing this none of the other bags features are taken into consideration, and really that column is representing only the down in the bag and not the bag itself. (Meaning, just a pile of down.)

Take into consideration your comparison of the Marmot Helium with the EQ version. The only difference between those bags are that the EQ version uses a heavier more water resistant membrane over the top of the bag rather than the lighter ripstop nylon used on the regular version. So, it is not the down that changes, but rather the materials in the bag. However, the specialized Membrain material does in fact cost more to use than the other stuff, so the price of the bag is slightly elevated. Not the down.

Hope this helps.

01-08-2011, 15:22
As I've stated it is only a crude comparison but it is interesting to note the differences in fill weight/total weight between the different makers for the same temp rating. I'm well aware of the $/oz of down column being slightly skewed but with no practical way to separate out the fabric cost and or weight it seems pointless to even try. Thanks for the critique.

01-08-2011, 16:31
Thanks for posting this. The 'averages' are interesting and would make a good start for comparison shopping for bags not on the list.

01-08-2011, 16:35

Take a look at the Used Gear forum and you will see lots of new, or nearly new, gear for sale.

Many folks buy gear blindly, or because someone on WB said it was the "best" available. After a few uses, or when someone suggests another model is superior, they are compelled to "upgrade".

Congratulations on your methodical approach to gear selection. Nice job identifying several data points to use for comparison. Maybe your method will encourage others to be more thoughtful with selection when buying big-ticket items. Making the right choice the first time around can save lots of money.

01-08-2011, 17:49
Just a quick comparison...
The Valandre Swing compared with the WM Megalite.
The Swing has 17.6 oz of down, the WM 14. So how come they have a similar rating and I would bet that the WM is warmer ?
The Valandre uses 700 rated duck down, the WM 850 goose down. Mathematically 17.6 oz of 700 and 14 oz of 850 give about the same loft
However the shell and the design can also make a difference.
Also to keep in mind is that although the initial tested loft may be the same if down from young birds is used it will collapse pretty quickly after a few uses whilst high quality down will fluff up about the same (if kept clean) for many years.
So as I often point out quantity is not the same as quality.

01-08-2011, 22:52
As others have noted the fill rating is important as is the cut. A large loose fitting bag is not as warm as a mummy style. Those of us who are restless sleepers prefer Mont Bell, which I noticed is missing from your spreadsheet

01-08-2011, 22:54
I make a similiar spreadsheet when I purchase a new bag or helping someone purchase a new one. I just typically list the weight, fill weight, fill type and then I add prices from the lowest I can find them somewhere on the web and a column for REI because of the return policy. Easy to sort andfindagood price break on a bag and which is a good purchase at the time. Never have done it for any other items like tents though. Just doesnt seem to work the same.