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01-10-2011, 18:27
Currently i have a Golite quest backpack and a Thermarest Ultralite 3/4 length. When im out camping i usually put the backpack at the bottom of the pad and put my legs on the backpack and it works great.

Ive been doing some sewing projects and thinking about trying my hand at building my own backpack - attempting to cut down on some weight. Now one of the things ive been reading about people sewing their own backpack is that that they really arent as durable as a regular pack, so my first question is, would a DIY backpack still have the a fairly good durability when im using it for a foot rest while sleeping, if it has gear in it? I move around a bit when i sleep so im not sure if this is a concern or not.

My next question is has anyone ever had problems with their self inflating mattress leaking? Mine doesnt, but its always been a fear that i get out somewhere, it gets a hole and i sleep on the hard ground for a while. So ive been considering changing over to a zlite or a ridgerest, with the idea that if i made my own pack, i could also use something like the ridgerest for support inside the pack. Or if i made my own should i just continue using the ultralite? Ive never slept on the solid foam pads, but they seem to be as thick as the ultralite (3/4 an inch thick). Is there much difference in comfort between the solid foam ones and the self inflating?

Thanks for your input, it was a bit of rambling.


01-10-2011, 18:37
Don't you think it depends on the skills of the person sewing the pack and the materials used?

Build a pack with 500D dyneema or 100% spectra along with triple stitched seams and I'm sure durability won't be a problem.

01-10-2011, 18:42
Yeah, just meant in general for DIY gear. I still need to take a look at the fabrics that are available a bit closer. Thanks for the suggestion on the materials, i will have to look into them.

01-10-2011, 18:58
Please don't look at either of the materials I mentioned. That's totally overkill. At most, used 200D dyneema X. That's very bombproof, yet quite light.