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01-10-2011, 22:30
Hey guys,

I am new to the forum, but not hiking and camping. I am planning a hike the weekend of January 22nd with 3 college friends. We are planning to hike from Newfound Gap (hwy 441) to Double Spring Gap. I have not done a lot of winter camping at elevations like this. I feel like I have the gear necessary for the trip, but have a few questions. I am concerned b/c I was looking at the NPS website for the park and it indicated that at higher elevations temperatures have reached -20 degrees F. I have a 15 Degree Marmot bag with good thermal base layer, beanie cap, and fleece to sleep in, which I thought would be fine until I read the -20 degree deal! Should I just look at the weather report for the Gatlinburg area a few days before the trip to be sure the temperatures are not going to be crazy low like that? I am an Eagle scout and fee pretty comfortable making the call, I am just more familiar with 3 season backpacking and am still new to extreme winter camping at higher elevations. Thanks for the help/advice. I just want to make sure we are prepared. This is our first trip to the Smokies so I want to know what to expect.

Blake E. Gober

Captain Slider
01-12-2011, 13:20
Hiker Blake.. I am sitting a few miles from Gatlinburg... and the weather is extreme.. you need check on the road being closed to the Gap..

01-12-2011, 19:36
Thanks that helps a lot. We were planning to start our hike at Newfound Gap on 441. Do you think that there is a chance that 441 could be closed a week from Saturday? I thought they probably didn't close this b/c its a highway, do they close hwy 441 at times?

01-12-2011, 20:09
yeah man they close it a lot, I was in Gatlinburg once and they closed all the roads around that place, they will close the roads for sure, make sure the roads in the park are open

01-12-2011, 21:25
Thanks a lot TNjed. I appreciate the advice. I have the phone number of the ranger station where I got the reservation for the shelter at Double Spring. I will give them a call the day before we are supposed to head that way. I got a new pack for Christmas and really hope the weather works our for us to go that weekend, I want to try out the new pack.