View Full Version : A-100 Round 2

partly cloudy
01-11-2011, 10:47
OK,, now we're having the the second A-100. Last years went off fine with 2 hikers nearly completing it, a 85 and 82 miler. About 20 daring souls were here to challenge us. Most attempted the 100 miles, but others did the 50 and 25 miles. It was their choice and they had a good time doing it.

This year,, same course,, same time frame,, on June 10,11 & finish up on the 12th. 100 miles on foot in 50 hours. Carry all your gear and food. Camp where you want. Shuttle service free from your end to the beginning at the Pa/ N.Y. state line. 96 miles of forest, 4 miles, road walk. 50 and 25 mile hikes also available. Contact [email protected] for more info and registration.

02-09-2011, 18:49
Sounds Good!!!

partly cloudy
06-14-2011, 10:16
The second annual A-100 is in the record books. 48 brave souls attempted this endurance hike. Everyone came out of the woods but many had serious blisters. The only hikers to complete the whole 100 miles was Michael Merry of Newburgh Hts. Oh. He did it in 45 hours. I was at the end of the 100 miles when he came walking in. He was walking fine and looked refreshed, but wanted a good and close-by restaurant.
Next year, we will go from south to north for a change in scenery. Registration will open around March. I'll keep ya'all posted.