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01-14-2011, 12:32
Does anyone have an opinion on the use of a Kelly kettle for a thru-hike? My first thru-hike will start in a few weeks, and I'm still debating taking this particular piece of equipment.

01-14-2011, 12:41
Do you know about the Backcountry Boiler? It's the lightest stove of that class of stoves.

01-15-2011, 21:18
Some people rave over them, but I don't know abot thru hiking with one. Here is the stats on the smallest, lightest one available.


Product Dimensions:
Height ....... 12 inches
Diameter.... 5.5 inches
Capacity.....17 fl.oz., 2 cups, .5 Liters
Weight.......1.3 lbs.

For $59 that is a lot of weight, and a lot of space, to boil just 17oz of water.

You can make a homemade wood stove that will be a lot lighter, and smaller. that and a small pot/large camp cup and you are set.

01-15-2011, 21:27
The one I posted is much lighter than the one TheYoungOne posted. It's about 1/3rd the weight. 7.4-7.8 ounces. The external size is much smaller too, yet holds more water. 18 ounces.

01-18-2011, 20:47
I'd go lighter on something else or leave something at home and get a Kettle. I would venture to say they are better than a Caldera Cone. I love my stainless steel "base Camp" kettle and I'm waiting on the arrival of the smallest to appear in the USA. I'm going to get one. My kettle is super efficient. I vertical stack twigs and top light.

JAK said he melted the base of his so I'd get the stainless one and wouldn't worry about it getting damaged.

Make a kettle work for you.:)

Stainless-Trekker-Small Kelly KettleŽ

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Expected in stock date is Early 2011.
This 19 fl. oz Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle is suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities including Kayaking, Backpacking, Car Camping, Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, Wilderness Survival Kits and much more.
Never carry fuel again!
Stock Item 50004
This Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle boils approximately 3 - 6 oz. Mugs of water at a time and is ideal for Kayaking, Car Camping, Scouts, Picnics, Hunters, Backpackers, and Wilderness Survival Kits. It is also perfect for people who like to go 4 wheeling of road. The Kelly Kettle is also great to have in your Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Kits, Humanitarian Kits, and also for all those who love the great outdoors.
The Kelly Kettle works great in stormy conditions, bringing water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occuring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark etc. No need to carry extra fuel.
There are no running costs associated with your Kelly Kettle. Users have described these kettles as the "Greatest Invention of all Time." These carbon-neutral Kelly Kettle's are Eco Friendly and make camping fun and easy.
Add a Pot-Support and Cook Set to your Kelly Kettle to cook small amounts of food over your Kettle while your water comes to a boil. Cook foods like, Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, Re-hydrated Food, Soup, and much much more. See the Accessories Category (http://www.kellykettleusa.com/accessories.html) for these products.
Note: The fire bases invert partially up into the bottom of our Kelly Kettles to make the unit as compact as possible for transporting and storage. Normally, the fire base will not invert fully up into the kettle. This is particularly evident with the Medium size Kelly Kettle. Never force the inverted base up into the Kelly Kettle to try and achieve a "Perfect Fit." This may cause damage to your Kelly Kettle or result in the base becoming stuck within the kettle.
Product Dimensions:
Height ....... 10.6 inches (Packed)
Diameter... 5.5 inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
Capacity.... 19 fl. Ounces
Weight...... 1.67 lbs.