View Full Version : Appalachian Trail "Virtual" Hike

12-28-2004, 14:22
Range Rover is also in the planning phase for a complete DVD "virtual" hike accessible by computer or DVD player to permit those otherwise unable, to enjoy the complete through hike, in the convenience of one's own armchair. We would appreciate feedback which will be forwarded to Dillan Burke, who is presently coordinating the project.

12-28-2004, 15:13
Tell Dillan Burke don't put too much money it.

Lion King
12-28-2004, 15:42
tell him to buy one of mine. :)

send $25 and 3.87 to cover prority mail to

Mike Daniel

17541 GA HWY 33

Pavo GA 31778

12-28-2004, 16:55
that would be one very long dvd...