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Raul Perez
01-16-2011, 21:31
Did an overnight solo snowshoe trip. Had a really relaxing time sorting out the cobwebs in my head over recent work and world events.

Got a chance to test out some new gear:

Oakely A Frame Goggles - Really nice goggles with no fogging when you wear them. Made a mistake of of leaving them on my head and the moisture from my head fogged them up terribly. Dont do that.

Atlas 1230 snowshoes - really nice. The lacing tends to loosen up after about a mile or so. Had to re-tighten them. They have a heel bar for steep inclines and I made sure I had a chance to try it out. Wow really makes a difference.

Big mamajamba tarp - it made its debut and it did well. Camped on an incline so I couldnt pitch it that low and a cold wind at night sucked the warmth from me one time during the night. Other than that it was a few degrees warmer in the tarp than it was outside.

Got to see a few animals... a 6 point buck (couldnt get a close shot on the camera), Hawk which circled my campsite for 20 minutes (no decent video) and an epic squirrel battle over the rights to a tree in the morning the next day (again no video of that I didnt want to take my eyes away from the fight).

Oh and I had no idea that cross country skiers have such *cough* colorful outfits.

Here are the videos.... I really got a chance to play with the iMovie features for a bit and I was able to really get some good scenes in the first part:

Part 1

Part 2



Water Monkey