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01-20-2011, 15:13
Serria Design Has a 800 fill hoody with thumb holes for $99. weighs 11.5 oz at the clymb

01-20-2011, 17:26
Note that TheClymb (http://www.theclymb.com) is a private on-line community where you need to be invited by an existing member. As I am not a member, I could not enter the site to view their offerings.

01-20-2011, 17:59
You don't need an invite you just need to request to be a member. They let you in in about a week and tell you how to give the secret handshake.

01-20-2011, 18:05
I'm on this. just use the link see if it works for you.

http://www.theclymb.com/invite-from/TimVogel (http://www.theclymb.com/invite-from/TimVogel)

01-20-2011, 18:05
Anyone that wants an immediate invite can just PM me their e-mail addy and I'll make it happen. :D

01-20-2011, 18:13
They put me on a waiting list...whatever, I'm not an impulsive shopper anyways.