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01-21-2011, 16:32
:-? Once you find a pack that meets your needs AND fits well you may feel it still doesn't "quite" meet all your needs.

Here are some MODIFICATIONS I've done to packs I've owned:

1. AFTERMARKET SIDE POCKETS> to increase volume &/or accessability to items like water purification, 1st aid kit, potty kit, toiletry kit, etc. You may have to sew on loops to hold strapping for pocket attatchment or sew teh webbing directly to the pack. REI sells different lengths of 1/2" webbing with plastic budkles.

2. CHANGE THE HIP BELT> this is a big step & usually requires a shoe repair or luggage repair shop to help. I ran an REI belt behind the lumbar pad of my Camelbak pack afer unstitiching the sides of the Lumbar pad & reinforcing W/bartacking the top of the pad's sides.

3. PACK LID AS FANNY PACK> The pack's detatchable lid can become a fanny pack for day trips away from camp. Minimum mod here is adding belt loops to the underside of the lid. (Your lid not detatchabel? Make it so.)

4. ADD BOTTOM WEBBING STRAPS> These are for gear that won't fit in the pack. Be SURE to have a waterproof stuffsack here.

5. ADD INERNAL STAYS> I have added flat 1" aluminum bar stock stays to two packs so far and with excellent results in improved load bearing. This requires (carefully) melting bolt holes in the pack material with a hot spike held in a ViseGrip and using stainless steel bolts, washers and stainless Nylock nuts plus cutting, filing and drilling the bar stock. A 3 piece, upside down U shape frame seems to work best. YMMV Remember to pre-bend the bar stock to fit your back.

6. ADD SHOULDER STRAP LOOPS> This is for attatching small pouches for camera or GPS on the shoulder straps as well as routing your hydration hose where you want it.

Pioneer Spirit
01-21-2011, 17:54
I always wish for pockets custom designed to fit certain items like a camera or anti-dog spray. Modifications is the way to go and I envy anyone with an industrial sewing machine.

02-18-2011, 21:16
I want to take the mesh off the hip pockets on my Osprey Exos, change it to a non-mesh pocket...as it is.... everything gets dirty when you set your pack down.