View Full Version : When is most of the snow melted off the trail in NC/TN?

01-22-2011, 13:16
When is most of the snow melted off the trail in NC/TN?

I'm planning to hike the trail Georgia to Maine in 4 sections. I'd like to get an early start, but am quite willing to wait a bit to avoid the complications (gear/slogging) of a lot of snow.


in W. Mass.

01-22-2011, 13:21
I think these last couple of years the snow hasn't melted until late March/early April.

01-22-2011, 13:58
Are you talking melted to the point where you don't see any snow or melted to the point where the trail is not covered in it?

The Cleaner
01-22-2011, 14:20
You may start at a trailhead with 0 snow and then gain elevation and turn a corner to a North facing slope and find many inches to feet of snow:eek:....A good idea would be to call some local outfitters and they could tell you of current conditions...

01-22-2011, 14:56
Thanks for all the input so far.

All good points, especially about the variability from one spot to the next.

I'm liking the idea of departing Springer Mtn after most folks in mid/late April and attempting to cover GA, NC &TN (450 mi) in about 40 days. By the time I get to the highest elevations, I hope the snow will be MOSTLY gone.

01-22-2011, 16:45
The Cleaner is dead on. :)

The Cleaner
01-22-2011, 17:52
When you meet SOBO's be nice to them...they might be the best&latest trail info...

01-22-2011, 19:22
last year most all the trail in NC and TN was clear of snow by mid April.... there was a small amount still on the ground by end of April in the highest elevations in the Smokies, but gone by first week of May. When I met Southbound section hikers near Wayah Tower the last week of April, they told me they had hiked thru snow in the Smokies a few days before. When I went thru the Smokies first week of May, the trail was still muddy from the last of the snow melt.

last year there was an unusual early warm spell in early April in the southest, felt almost like summer, but then followed by a late blueberry frost and some light snow around Franklin, NC in late April. Who knows what March-April 2011 will bring!

01-22-2011, 19:44
I've seen considerable snow where I live in western NC at around 1200 feet elevation as late as the last week of March and have seen snow at the higher elevations on Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May) so..bottom line...at the higher elevations in the Smokies it's possible to have snow into the month of May...Western NC weather is really unpredictable..I have lived here most of my life...

Mrs Baggins
01-22-2011, 19:57
This year? Could be June.....just keep an eye on NOAA.gov and Accuweather.com.

Ron Haven
01-22-2011, 21:56
major portion is gone now but some is on the north sides.